Volcano sandals

The first vulcanized sandals made from recycled car tires. Light, flexible and sustainable.

Volcano soles

Running sustainably

The Vulkan sole is made from recycled car tires. With each pair of sandals, around 150 g of car tires are made usable again.


Due to the simple lacing technique, the design of the sandal is reduced to the essentials and very robust.

Vulkan stands for recycling

In addition to the sandals, the textiles are also made from recycled PET bottles or recycled organic cotton.

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over 600 volcano runners

around the world.

I've been looking for the perfect, most affordable , non leather 'barefoot' sandals for a very long time and at last I finally found them!

Jeff Rees Jones

A great shoe. I was skeptical at first, but I can walk in these shoes all day without anything rubbing or hurting my toes.

Nancy Dagga

I'm excited! The sandals are super nice and comfortable. David is very friendly and helpful. Highly Recommended!